Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lexie's Chain - a musical journey that winds like a windy thing

DJ Lady Lexie ready for The Chain
Hi friends! Is me .... Lexie Dogstoyevsky (@dogstoyevsky) ere - aka DJ Lady Lexie (@djladylexie), as you might of heard once or twice. You may have noticed that I likes to DJ from time to time an I loves to listen to music of all kinds.

One of ma most favourite shows on the radio is the Radcliffe & Maconie Show on BBC Radio 2. The most brilliant item on their show is The Chain. Dis dus be a never-ending list of records, with each new track being somehow connected to the last. You can listen to dis wot dus be on da Radio 2 website.

Three songs are played each show for this item and listeners are encouraged to contact the show with another song that links to the previous one. The connection can be anything, ranging from the very obvious to the very obscure.

I was finkin how much I dus enjoy the show and then fort (along wif some help from ma pals @tartan_terriers) Lexie! Why not dus your own version of The Chain for all us anipals on Twitter to have some fun wiv in 2011?

The Rules (not many by the way ;))

I will start us off wiv one of ma favourite songs of all time.

You listen to dis song and (if you like) find out more about it.

You figure out wot you fink is a link to dis song that you like the idea of and either

email me at lexie at toxicpenguin dot com or DM me on twitter (@dogstoyevsky or @djladylexie) wiv your links suggestion. I'll select one and then post it ere ready for da next chain.

Now I'm finkin this might need a bit of work at first so bear wif me while I see what works and make some changes if we needs to. I ope you will like to play The Chain wiv me and look forward to startin. Wot you fink? Shall we go for it?

Oh, by the way, I decided to publish on annuva blog about The Chain all on its own so we dussn't all get confussled. Hope that makes sense!


  1. Lexie this is a most pawsome idea...I am going to have da gurl sign us up for dis

    Do you know if there is any way we can listed to yur fave radio show online here in the US? We wud like to check it out

  2. Hi ma pal I dussnt know if you gotted da linky I sent! I sure opes you can hear da show is brilliant!!!